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Friday, February 1, 2008

Boarding Stable Tenure - Can a Stable Evict Long-time Boarders?

One of today's callers had just received a letter terminating the caller's boarding contract. The caller was outraged because the caller had been boarding at this particular facility for ten years. The caller felt that there should be some kind of penalty for terminating such a long-standing relationship.

The business relationship between a boarding stable and its boarder is exclusively governed by contract. Accordingly, boarders have no specific legal rights regarding termination other than those provided by the boarding contract. Either party can end the relationship by terminating the contract. When the boarding stable and boarder have a written boarding contract, the boarding stable must provide the boarder with the notice of termination required in the boarding contract. If there is no written contract, or the contract does not address termination, the boarding stable is not bound to provide the boarder with any specific type or amount of notice. Unless the contract states otherwise, the length of time that a boarder has been at a stable has no legal impact and confers no special rights upon the boarder.

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zues said...

On boarding.
I have been at this stable for a while and never had a contract with them. I had know them before and the owner just let me move over. Now her son is taking over and charging me a late fee and interest. He changed the due date.
If I stay I will be alway behind in board. I asked him today to show what he thinks I own in back board without the fees. He asked why I stated I may sell my horse. He said fine but I have to pay him in full before I leave. What rights do I have? Can he keep my horse?