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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If You Discount It, They Will Come - How to Make a Horse Show Economically Feasible in Tough Times

I went to a great APHA show in Chilliwack, British Columbia this weekend. The show was a model of what to do to get exhibitors to come show in this economic climate.

The BCPHC show is already well-known for its excellent location, friendly show management and great prizes, but last year, attendance was down and there was talk that the show might not be back this year. When I received the show premium for this year, I noticed that the show was offering a healthy discount on classes if I pre-registered for at least one class and paid for a stall. Once I got there, I could get a further discount on other classes if I entered more than one division of the same class. For example, if I entered an amateur class, I could enter the novice and/or open division of that same class for a discounted price. As a result, lots of exhibitors committed early to come to the show, and we talked other exhibitors into coming. Once we exhibitors got there, we entered multiple divisions and even tried new events, filling classes and creating lots of point-earning opportunities. Everyone went home happy!

This pricing strategy worked because show management's costs were already fixed. If they could get multiple people to enter more classes at the discounted price, they made more money than they would have with just the few usual entries at the regular price.

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