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Monday, April 7, 2008

What Painting and Body Clipping Have in Common

A good friend of mine sent this to me, and I thought those of us who have been covered in horse hair would enjoy it! :)

What Painting and Body Clipping Have in Common
1. They always look much easier than they are
2. They always take way longer than you think
2a. Prep X5
2b. Detail & touchup X3
2c. Cleanup X2
3. You never know what color you'll end up with
3a. Bays turn anything from mouse dun to buckskin, and
some chestnuts turn pink
3b. According to the paint chip your living room should be
taupe, it's actually lavender -- pretty but not what you
had in mind.
4. You always think that this time with a little more care, time and
expertise the job will turn out better (but it never does).
5. Halfway through, you will have mechanical failure (the clippers
will heat up or the roller will stop rolling -- mopping paint on a
wall gives an interesting but not very attractive texture).
6. Just before mechanical failure, your hands will start to cramp
from holding the roller/clippers
7. You have to be a teenage gymnast to get in the tight places
(the belly and between the front legs or inside the linen
8. No matter how careful you are, it's really messy (at least
hair washes off in the shower, paint doesn't)

The differences? You don't have to bribe the linen closet with treats to stand still and the paint mistakes won't grow out with the summer coat.

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