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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unwanted Horse Publicity = Grassroots Lobbying Opportunity?

As discussed in Abandoned Horses - Finders, Keepers? and Abandoned Horses and Title, state laws are not necessarily on the good samaritan's side when it comes to taking care of abandoned horses. Likewise, state laws do not typically permit a boarding stable owner to sell a boarder's horse to satisfy a past due boarding bill without a lot of hassle and expense - see Reasons Not to Foreclose on an Agister's Lien, Abandoned Horses and Tack - What Can a Boarding Stable Do? and Nonpaying Boarders - Remedies for California Stables.

With articles about the unwanted horse problem making a very regular appearance in the nation's newspapers, now may be the optimal time to petition your state legislators. Ask them to change your state's laws to provide protections for persons who take in unwanted horses and for boarding stable owners. As reported in the Louisville Courier-Journal, Kentucky lawmakers have already proposed bills that would help persons in their state. When writing or emailing your own state's legislators, you may want to draw their attention to Kentucky's leadership on this issue.

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