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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Horse Sale Ad Bloopers - Part II

There's no shortage of amusement to be gained from perusing horse advertisements. Here are the latest ones that have us chuckling. Enjoy!

There's a Slight Catch

"Have been riding her in the arena bareback with no problems at a walk but cannot ride her in the arena with a saddle."

"Haven't ever ridden, but was told was broke"

"She hates stalls"

Boy, We Had a Tough Time Thinking of His Good Points

"Doesn't test fences"

"Was on summer pasture all summer"

"Easy enough to catch"

"We had her almost completely broken of that"

"Ties pretty well"

"Blankets well"

Unusual Skills

"Knows all the cool tricks"

"Will drag milk jugs"

"Currently getting used to guns"

"She was fine with me jumping at her side"

"Will pick a brush out of a bucket and let you know which one she wants you to use"

"Lopes all different speeds"

"Has been tarped"


"Loves trails (prefers to lead)"

"Needs a confident but tactful rider who isn't intimidated by speed and peppiness"

"Wants attention all the time, just like a puppy"

"Loves to go, go, go"

"Very athletic. Needs advanced rider"

"She does have problems with loading into trailer"

"If you want a project, she is your girl!"

"Good with her front feet could use some work with her back feet"

"She is broke to the walk and trot her canter needs some work"

"She is quick on her feet"

"She prefers to be the first horse in the trailer"

"She is an easy, easy keeper"

"She's strong-willed"

"She's a bit lippy"

"Sometimes a little shy when you put the saddle pad on her"

"I would say not for beginners unless you're really confident"

"She had a case of stringhalt and it's almost gone but I don't think the last little glitch is gonna go away"

"Goes all day long"

"Does not like to be the only horse in the pasture"

"She needs strong fencing or a higher voltage fence charger as a regular fence charger is a toy to her"

"He is not a big fan of dogs"

Why It Pays to Read the Entire Ad

"Has been used for lead line...would make great 4-H project...this is not a child's pony"

"She can really done ANYTHING and look amazing doing it...she will just never been amazing at anything"

His Name is "Lucky"

"She has a large lump on the underside of her belly"

"She has developed a limp in gaits other than a walk"

Hey, He's Better Than He Used to Be!

 "When I got her you had to fight to get the halter on her"

"Sat for the last four years until I got her"

Unusual Appearance

"Large dark bedroom eyes"

A Seller Who Knows What They Want

"If you can't find a way to haul her don't contact me till you can"

What Are They Trying to Tell Us Here?

"UTD on cryo"

"Most people I ride with can't even see what I'm talking about"

Wishful Thinking

"He'll have a growth spurt this spring for sure"

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